Online Psychotherapy Services


Sometimes we are presented with challenges that seem to be more than we can bear.  It could be the death of a loved one, the end of a relationship, culture shock, or simply just feeling down.  Sometimes the pain sometimes seems unbearable.  Sometimes we are faced with confusion about our personal identity or our path in life and may have no one to turn to.  It can be a variety of things that can bring us to our knees and cause us to lose focus in our lives, and sometimes, even lose hope.  Other times, it may be just a minor bump in the road, but either way, professional counseling services may help in dealing with life’s challenges.

My job is to help you understand your reactions to the challenges that you are experiencing and to help you to identify strategies for dealing with them.  I can also help you to identify the feelings that may be preventing you from moving past major life events.  If you are having difficulties in finding satisfying relationships or intimacy, I can help you to explore thought processes or behavioral patterns that may be contributing to your difficulties.  I can serve as a guide in helping you to gain focus in your life.



Services provided using video-conferencing software like Skype or Facetime.


Convenient worldwide services where ever you are.


Private and confidential with no need to leave your home.


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